References GERPAAS


Abu Dhabi Hail Surface Facilities project, UAE

AbuDhabiPlaza, Kz

Al Layyah Combined Cycle Power Plant, UAE

Al Rar Gas Processing Plant - Sonatrach, Algeria

Arcelor Steel Plant, Ukraine

Aweer 815MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, UAE

Bahrain Petroleum Company BAPCO project, Bahrain

BP Khazzan project, Oman

Doha Metro lines (Gold, Green, Red) project, Qatar

Duqm Refinery project, Oman

E75 and E80 Highway tunnels, Serbia

Europoort Rotterdam, Netherlands

FIRS Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria

Gazprom BV Sarqala project, Iraq

Gebze 850 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Turkey

Hadera Power Plant, Israel

Huelva Biomass Power Plant, Spain

KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) project, Kuwait

Les Nef National Uranium Enrichment Plant Project, USA

Liwa Plastics project, Oman

Maasvlakte Chemical plant in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Maysan 400kw GIS projects for Ministry of Electricity, Iraq

SERUMS & OILSNew Hamad port - food facilities project, Qatar

Nospco North Sinai Petroleum Company project, Egypt


Rhourde Nouss - Sonatrach, Algeria

Rusvinyl Nijni Novgorod Plant Project, Russia

Talara Refinery Modernization project, Peru

Tula Cement Plant, Mexico

U.S. Embassy in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

U.S. Embassy in Monterrey, Mexico

U.S. Embassy in Riga, Latvia

U.S. Embassy in Taipei, Taiwan

U.S. Embassy project in Bucharest, Romania

Yibal Khuff project, Oman

Zawiah 5000 Housing project, Libya

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