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Strut Systems

Strut Channels & Accessories Strut channel systems are universal solutions for all type of applications and are designed to provide permanent and efficient solutions in mechanical strengths. A wide range of strut channels, framing systems are available in our scope of production. Please browse this section for steel and stainless steel channels with wide selection of cross-sections.

Steel Beams and Angle Systems

Steel profiles and angles are offered for heavy duty applications as per global standards. A wide range of diameters of UPN profiles, IPN profiles and angles are available for supply as black, hot dip galvanized or paint options.

Brackets & Cantilevers

We offer a wide spectrum of selections of cantilever brackets and their accessories for applications of any disciplines. Brackets fabricated of steel, stainless steel, welded design, and mechanically bent designs provide permanent and strong solutions for project requirements. GERPAAS brackets and their accessories bring simplicity during installation. They are designed to provide high strength in mechanical and electrical applications.


GERPAAS offers all required fixing and fasteners and accessories for electrical and mechanical installation requirements as per the customer specifications. Our scope includes bolts, screws, nuts, washers, spring nuts, PVC lids and strips, threaded rods, U bolts, concrete anchors, chemical anchors, through bolts, wedge bolts, lock nuts and more others.

Support systems
Gerpaas fixing systems for cable raceways are designed and manufactured with high quality steel grades with an intensive quality care policy. From material selection to post-galvanization stage, the quality control line works efficiently in order to avoid any defects in production. Our fixing system includes a diverse line of products ranging from cantilever brackets to ceiling fixings, and from suspendion profiles to threaded rods with a variety of material & finish options.